Ukraine has named a secret weapon to defeat Russia

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Ukraine has named a secret weapon to defeat Russia

The Ukrainian edition of Defense Express told about the weapons with which you can defeat the troops of Russia.

We are talking about the fourth generation tank “Nota”, the concept of which was developed in Ukraine. According to the newspaper, the tank went through many modifications, which makes it more perfect than the Russian tank “

A 152 mm cannon has been developed for Nota, from which it is possible to fire at a frequency of four seconds, the article says. Also, the combat vehicle is equipped with three drum-type magazines, sights with optical and thermal channels, a productive on-board computer, a satellite navigation system and means of determining “friend or foe”.

The tank has not yet been released, work on it has been going on for over 30 years. However, the authors of the material claim that “if the Nota tank were on the battlefield now, it would have no equal.” It is also noted that with the help of the tank it is possible to defeat the Russian troops.

In mid-June, Ukraine introduced the ACE ONE drone, which can destroy the Russian T-90 tank. Scientists are now working on the creation of the apparatus.

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