Ukraine has worked out all the scenarios – intelligence assessed the threat from Belarus


Ukraine worked out all the scenarios, – the intelligence assessed the threat from Belarus

Belarus, led by self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko, is an active accomplice in Russia's war against Ukraine. Now society has questions about whether there is a threat of attack on its territory.

Andrei Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, answered this question on the air of the national telethon. Ukraine, as the official emphasized, is working on different scenarios for the development of events.

Are there any threats from Belarus

Andrey Yusov said that as of this there is no threat of an offensive from Belarus. If the situation changes, citizens will be notified. At the same time, the intelligence official noted that the escalation of panic due to the threat from the North is the Russian IPSO.

In addition, Yusov assured that Ukrainian intelligence knows everything about dictator Lukashenko, but there are objective things that should be discussed in the context of assessing the threat of an offensive. In particular, the number of strike groups and the readiness of forces and means for the offensive.

There is no threat of a full-scale ground operation from Belarus and its participation on the side of Russia. If the situation changes, relevant information will be available. But even in case the situation changes, Ukraine is ready and has worked out all the scenarios,” Yusov emphasized.

An intelligence representative also noted that dictator Lukashenko himself is trying to avoid participating in the war, because a full-fledged entry into the war is nothing more than suicide for the dictatorial regime.

The threat of an offensive from Belarus: latest news

  • On January 16, another joint exercise between Russia and Belarus began.
  • At the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Russians and Belarusians are working out practical tasks for the interaction of the air and ground components in offensive operations
  • Meanwhile, the aggressor country continues to overturn military equipment into Belarus. In particular, on January 15, at least 8 Su-34 fighters and 4 Su-30 fighters flew to the military airfield in Baranovichi. border under the reliable protection of our defenders and defenders. In addition, a wall is being built on the border between Ukraine and Belarus.

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