Ukraine is not against negotiations with Russia on indemnities and reparations, Danilov replied to the Kremlin



Russian invaders want to negotiate with Ukraine on their own terms. However, this will have negative consequences for the Kremlin

This was written by Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. He noted on what conditions Ukraine would agree to speak with Russia.

“Ukraine has never been against negotiations with the Russian Federation … regarding indemnities and reparations. The longer the Kremlin regime delays these negotiations, the worse conditions and more money. Tasks for the de-occupation of Ukraine and the defragmentation of Russia will be completed in full, according to plans and schedules,” Danilov explained.

Talks about negotiations in Russia

After the successful counteroffensive, the Kremlin spoke about peace talks, but on their terms. In particular, Patriarch Kirill and Putin's representative Dmitry Peskov said this.

According to Kirill, spiritual mobilization is taking place in Russia, which will help mobilize all other forces and help “Russia and Ukraine, which are the unified space of the Russian Orthodox Church”. Peskov said that Russia “remains ready to negotiate with Ukraine.” However, he added that the goals of the “military operation” remain the same.

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