“Ukraine is the shield of the civilized world”: actions will be held in 50 foreign cities on the Day of Defenders


"Ukraine– shield of the civilized world": actions to be held in 50 foreign cities on Defenders Day

October 14 is the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. On this day, 50 rallies are planned in 50 cities around the world.

The worldwide campaign dedicated to the Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine will be held in foreign cities. The rallies will be attended by activists and representatives of Ukrainian diasporas and communities in different countries of the world, as well as local residents of the countries where the actions will take place.

Rallies to be held in 50 foreign cities

The purpose of the rallies is to convey to the whole world an understanding of the importance of preserving the independence of Ukraine and restoring its territorial integrity by defeating the aggressor and the country terrorist – Russia.

The rallies will be held around famous buildings and monuments, as well as in the central squares.

According to preliminary information, rallies will be held in Australia, Belgium, Georgia, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania, Spain, USA, Great Britain and others.

Note that Ukrainian defenders today personify heroism and courage of warriors of many generations, warriors from different countries – all those who for centuries defended the ideals of freedom, defended statehood and fought for independence.

Rallies will be held in 50 foreign cities on the Day of Defenders/photo Communities Army Of Ukraine

Recall that earlier in Lyon people came out with posters to once again declare that Russia is a terrorist country. Thus, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and the French took part in the action, supporting Ukraine and condemning the Russian invasion and its war crimes.

In addition, Ukrainians in Italy continue to protest in support of our country. They pay attention to what is happening now in Ukraine.

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