Ukraine is working to ensure that new sanctions against Russia block its nuclear industry


Ukraine is working to ensure that new sanctions against Russia block its nuclear industry

Zelensky spoke about new sanctions against Russia/Office of the President

Every day the occupiers stay on the territory of the ZNPP increases the danger to the world. The response to blackmail should be powerful sanctions blocking the nuclear industry of the terrorist country.


President Volodymyr Zelensky said this during his evening address, Channel 24 reports. He noted that Russian blackmail will only mobilize an even greater global effort to counter terror.

New sanctions should block Russia's nuclear industry

The President said that every day the presence of the Russian contingent on the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and in neighboring regions of Ukraine increases the radiation threat to Europe so much that even at the peak moments of the confrontation during the Cold War, there was no such thing.

Of course, there should be a strong reaction to this. Ukrainian diplomats and representatives of partner states will do everything to ensure that new sanctions against Russia will definitely block the Russian nuclear industry, Zelensky added.

According to him, absolutely all Russian officials, as well as those who help them in the blackmail operation with the nuclear power plant, must answer in the international court.

“It will definitely happen. And every Russian military man, or shooting at the plant , or a shooter, hiding behind a station, must understand that he is becoming a special target for our intelligence, for our special services, for our army,” the head of state noted.

He added that he was especially grateful to everyone who defends this direction – withstands the pressure of Russian terrorists and protects Ukraine and the world from the nuclear threat created by the invaders.

“I am grateful to all our power engineers who support the stable operation of the energy system of Ukraine and the Zaporozhye station itself,” Zelensky said.


He summed up that the government and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything possible to restore peace and security to this part of the state, as well as to all other cities and regions of Ukraine.

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