Ukraine leads the West: how propagandist Kiselyov changed his rhetoric


Ukraine – leads the West: how propagandist Kiselev changed his rhetoric

Let's analyze the one who started the open Russian information war against Ukraine back in 2013 – Dmitry Kiselev. Read more in the exclusive blog for Channel 24 website.

How did Kiselev change over the years

What happened to the propagandist all these years? Kiselyov still runs the Rossiya Segodnya propaganda agency. It has long grown into a whole factory for the production of virtual reality. And, yes, he still hosts the author's program “Vesti Nedeli”, where he talks about Russian achievements. That is, in recent months, the name “Week 200 Cargo” is more suitable for this program.

Over the years, Kiselev has reached retirement age. This is clearly seen in the footage taken outside his studio.

Kiselev is pretty old: video

However, on filming his propaganda program, Kiselev looks much fresher: video

It seems that the best make-up artists in Russia are working on Kiselev's appearance. And the best make-up artists in Russia are, as you know, Lenin's make-up artists.

Studio, of course, Kiselyov made capital. Interestingly, his fans from Murmansk and Saransk are not embarrassed that they do not have toilets at home, but their idol has a crystal floor, as well as plasma screens built into the table instead of chipboard?

Victory of all victories – “capture” of Soledar

So, what is the main news this week?

Kiselev talks about “success” at the front: video< /strong>

Have we missed something? The Russian army has some “important success”. What could it be? They recaptured Kherson? Surrounded Kharkov? Maybe they are about to take Kyiv? No. All this is trifles compared to the really “great success” of Russian weapons.

The second army of the world, according to Kiselev, took control of a strategically important city, the secret capital of Ukraine and NATO, a gigantic metropolis of regional significance – Soledar.

Kiselev and his pot-bellied lads show a story from a city allegedly completely occupied by the Russian army. But, of course, it turns out total “non-fold”. The footage shows devastation, and the Russians say that the city was taken “with lightning speed”.

Indeed, by the condition of the houses and cars, you “can't say” that any battles took place here at all. The Russian army took these quarters “literally with their bare hands.” They fought with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with their fists.

Kiselev showed the destroyed Soledar: video

The so-called “military commander” Solodkov very carefully moves through the ruins of a quarter destroyed in half a year by battles. It is not surprising. First, you must not stumble over the scattered bodies of the Wagnerites. Secondly, it turns out to be very dangerous in the city that has been “completely taken”. there may be special units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – no. This is because the Russian military can shoot. To celebrate.

Propagandists openly show chemical weapons and their positions

Another propaganda report allegedly from near Donetsk is even more brilliant. Here, Russian soldiers, together with propagandists, are openly slandering their own judgment. Right on camera, they brag about the use of chemicals.

The occupier speaks openly about chemical weapons: video

Well, then it was already the rubric, traditional for Russian propagandists, is “losing positions”.Something tells me that neither this artillery mount nor these gunners exist anymore. But in Russia it doesn't matter. The main thing is that Kiselev was able to show an interesting and convincing propaganda story in his program. And soldiers are still being born.

Kiselyov admitted that Ukraine “leads” the whole world

Further, Kiselev tried to divert the attention of Russians from the war and the “cotton” by the “decaying West.” His words about Western aid to Ukraine are simply panicky. The only argument why Ukraine should not be given tanks is the whining that Kyiv is somehow asking for them incorrectly.

Kiselev on the Ukrainian authorities: video

You see how from “Ukraine never existed” to “Ukraine leads the entire West” in just 11 months of “special military operation”. Think about it, Russians, and try to stop your leadership even now.

The program, which lasted 2.5 hours, had 3 more stories about deaths and funerals. Everything as it should be in a young and prosperous country. Vladimir Putin was shown several more times, but not for long.

After that, we hear lies about how the occupiers are delivering precision tank strikes across the Dnieper River “exclusively” against the positions of the Ukrainian military in Kherson.

The occupiers say, that they are shooting at the city, but at the Armed Forces of Ukraine: video

Kiselev is not the same anymore

After two and a half hours of insanity, there is only one conclusion – Kiselev is no longer the same. The successes of the defenders and defenders of Ukraine knocked down his imperial arrogance. It is felt that the propagandist simply stays on the air for the allotted time. Just like Putin in the Kremlin.

They all say the same nonsense that 9 years ago during the first invasion of Ukraine, and 15 years ago during the invasion of Georgia, and almost a quarter of a century ago during the second invasion to Ichkeria. But they have fear in their eyes. They don't know what will happen tomorrow. But they guess. The best evidence of this, perhaps, is not even the air defense in Moscow. And air defense at Putin's residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

They are afraid and all Russians are beginning to be afraid. However, the Ukrainians do not respond to the Russians in the same way – with murders and bullying. We remain human, we only fight armed invaders who are trying to take our lands and our people from us.

However, we will never forget anything, and I know for sure that we will achieve justice. But what will it be like – justice towards the tormentors?

Previously, it seemed to me that Zelensky's “peace formula” was enough. It provides for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, a tribunal for war criminals, reparations from the Russian pocket, the demilitarization of Russia, the taking of the natural resources of the aggressor state under international control, as well as the collapse of the empire and the liberation of the oppressed peoples.

We need to prevent the third Nazism

But after the events of the past weeks, after the mass and cynical murders of Ukrainians by the Russians have been brought to a new level, how can this be enough? Russians need to be punished harder than the Germans after World War II. Because they commit atrocities despite:

  • the experience of their predecessors;
  • the fact that there are cameras and the Internet all over the world;
  • that that in the 20th century people knew much less about the world than Russians in the 21st century.

Therefore, new creative approaches are needed. Humane, but very tough. Such that the third Nazism will never arise anywhere. Not in Russia, not in any other world.

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