Ukraine may soon receive F-16: military expert named probable dates


Ukraine may soon receive F-16: military expert names likely dates

Slovakia is ready to provide Ukraine with 11 MiG-29 aircraft. And at the end of October, when Lend-Lease is fully operational, our state can expect to receive 24 F-16 aircraft.

About this Channel 24said military expert Peter Chernik. Earlier it was reported that the lend-lease has already started working, but there is a nuance, because of which it is still defective.

MiG-29s will significantly improve the situation at the front

Chernik noted that 11 MiG-29 fighters are not enough to turn the tide of the war. However, they will help to significantly improve the situation at the front. In particular, rocket and bomb strikes, especially in air-to-ground mode.

The former Warsaw Pact countries have taken a clear path of development, given the events taking place in the east of Europe. They give us old Soviet equipment, which, however, over the past 20 years has been “pumped” to NATO standards. – said the military expert.

He hopes that our other neighbors will follow the example of Slovakia. He also added that Poland had already given Ukraine almost everything it had in service. >Chernik noted that, perhaps, when lend-lease is fully operational, our country will receive 24 American F-16 fighters at the end of October. This is something that can really change the course of hostilities.

“The F-16 is much better than the MiG-29. The only thing in which the American aircraft is inferior to the Soviet one is the climb speed,” Chernik emphasized.


What are the advantages of the F-16

According to a military expert, the F-16 can carry more and better missiles on its pylons. In particular, Maverick missiles – the Russians have nothing like it in principle.

Up to 30 km launch, warhead from 50 to 70 kg. There is basically no defense against it. Whatever she hits, she will achieve her goal, Chernik noted.

In general, the bomber unit is the best thing in the F-16. The American fighter is like an improved SU-25. The range of ammunition is simply inexhaustible. From cluster bombs to heavy bombs.

He continued that the F-16 can also successfully operate in intercept mode. That is, to shoot down cruise missiles, standing in their tail. In general, it can conduct air battles with all types of weapons that the Russians have.

“This is the best machine of the 4th generation among light attack aircraft. More than 4,000 of them were produced, and 24 countries are operators,” summed up Chernik.

Chernik named the likely dates for Ukraine to receive the F-16: watch the video

Military assistance Ukraine: breaking news

  • Lack of cars is the main problem of the war. In the confrontation with Russia, you need not only to have sufficient weapons, but also to maintain maximum mobility.
  • The last overflight of MiG-29 fighters took place at one of the air bases in Slovakia. It is these aircraft that may soon go into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • In the coming weeks, Berlin will send the latest weapons to Kyiv. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he would support Ukraine until victory over Russia.

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