Ukraine must break through Russian defenses: allies promise significant military assistance to Kyiv, – NYT


Ukraine must break through Russian defenses: allies promise significant military assistance to Kyiv - NYT< /p>

Before Rammstein, the Allies already knew they were ready to provide significant military assistance to help repel Russian aggression. During a meeting on January 20, they confirmed this.

Military aid is expected to reach billions of dollars. Officials from 50 countries reached an agreement on Friday. It will include armored personnel carriers, rockets and missiles, artillery shells and air defense systems.

The head of the NATO High Military Committee, Rob Bauer, said that any equipment is needed in such a war.

Allied Help

  • US officials said they plan to send about 100 Stryker combat vehicles. This is about $2.5 billion worth of arms assistance.
  • Estonia has said it will send Ukraine its largest military aid package, including remote fire and anti-tank weapons, as well as ammunition, totaling 113 million euros.
  • The UK has confirmed it will donate Challenger 2 tanks and has also said it will deliver 600 Brimstone missiles.

Moreover, this is not the full extent of partner assistance. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Slovakia pledged to support Ukraine.

Tanks are not handed over yet

“hoped that Germany would approve the decision on Leopard tanks for Ukraine. However, this has not happened yet.

Recall that the day before, President Volodymyr Zelensky asked to increase the number of weapons. He stressed that time is a Russian weapon, so the partners should speed up the solution. Ukraine is grateful for the support, but hundreds of thanks are not hundreds of tanks.

AFU must break through the defenses of the occupiers

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kal confirmed that the Russians were digging in. They dig trenches and lay mines.

Therefore, according to him, Ukraine needs more motorized infantry and armored personnel carriers to break through heavily fortified Russian defenses.

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