Ukraine needs at least 5-7 years for complete demining of territories – Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ukraine needs at least 5 & ndash; 7 years to completely clear mine territories, – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Mary Hakobyan on demining Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

Russian troops leave behind a lot of mines, trip wires and unexploded shells. It will take 5-7 years to neutralize these dangerous munitions throughout Ukraine.

On May 20, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mary Hakobyan announced this information on the air of the all-Ukrainian telethon. She said that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, almost 114 thousand explosive objects have already been defused. In particular, pyrotechnicians eliminated about 2 thousand air bombs.

According to Mary Hakobyan, the rescuers examined the territory of Ukraine over 22,000 hectares. Pyrotechnic subdivisions of the State Emergency Service seize from 2,000 to 5,000 explosive items daily.

Hakobyan said that now the Ministry of Internal Affairs estimates that the territory is contaminated with dangerous ammunition at about 300,000 square kilometers. According to her, this is ten times more than international experience.

Based on the fact that one day of active hostilities equals up to 30 days of demining, according to the most optimistic forecasts, we need 5-7 years to complete demining, – said Mary Hakobyan.

In particular, the Deputy Minister spoke about the steps taken by the Ukrainian authorities to speed up the process of humanitarian demining. For this, the International Center for Humanitarian Demining has already been established. The purpose of its foundation is, among other things, to attract international assistance: professional, technical and financial.

“About 20 foreign organizations have already responded and are undergoing certification to work in Ukraine,” she said on air.

Several teams have already arrived in Ukraine. They will start working in different regions of the country next week, Hakobyan noted.

Mine danger in Ukraine

  • In the Kyiv region, two men were blown up by an anti-personnel mini OZM-72, which left by the Russians. They miraculously survived.
  • Kafirs replaced the waters of the Black Sea. The representative of the Odessa VA Sergey Bratchuk said that the exact number of explosive objects is still unknown, but experts believe that there may be up to 600.
  • The Lviv Bank Charitable Foundation created the Free Land program. Its goal is comprehensive assistance in solving the problem of demining Ukrainian territories. The program will also provide sappers with protective and search equipment.
  • Two enemy anchor mines were thrown on the Black Sea coast in Odessa. The demolition team took them to safety and neutralized them.

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