“Ukraine no longer exists”: what fakes are spread by the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories


"Ukraine no longer exists": what fakes are Russians spreading in the temporarily occupied territories

Russian occupiers swindle money from Ukrainians/Getty Images

Voice of the Country winner Ivan Ganzer's sister lives two kilometers from the border with Russia and is under occupation in the Kharkiv region. There people are without communication and live in a complete information blockade.

The singer spoke exclusively to the Channel 24 website about how the occupiers intimidate people, vilely lure out money and spread various fakes about Ukraine.

Fakes spread by Russians in the occupied territories

According to Ganzera, there is only one connection in the village where his sister lives. However, getting there is quite dangerous, so contacting her is very rare and only for a minute or two.

She (sister – Channel 24) asks what is happening in Ukraine, because they have a full-fledged information vacuum there. The occupiers tell them that “they should have a referendum, that they should join Russia, because Ukraine no longer exists, Poland has already taken Ukraine,” the man said.

Russian militants/Photo by Getty Images

Due to the complete informational isolation, it was quite difficult to convince my sister that this was not true. Unfortunately, many locals still believe the fakes spread by the occupiers.

Threats and intimidation

According to Ganzera, the occupiers take away SIM cards from mobile phones. And also, threatening, they force people to transfer all funds through the mobile applications of banks to their cards.

The singer stressed that there are still many people in the temporarily occupied territories who want to return to Ukraine. He called on the Ukrainian authorities to do everything possible to organize humanitarian corridors.

Important news from the Kharkiv region:

  • The invaders collect “taxes” in the occupied Kharkiv region and transfer everyone to “Russian” pensions.
  • Russian occupiers fired on Chuguev, Kharkiv region. As a result of the attack by the Russians, people were injured and killed.
  • The invaders hit a sports complex with a missile, where Olympic champions used to be trained. Due to shelling, a fire broke out in 200 square meters of the building. Therefore, the building was destroyed. It is assumed that the enemy fired a rocket from Belgorod.
  • In addition, the head of Chuguev in the Kharkiv region called on families with children to evacuate. After all, shelling in the city is only intensifying. Galina Minaeva explained that this is necessary to save the life and health of our children.

It is also worth knowing that Putin ordered to hit civilian targets: watch the video

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