Ukraine now has the right to initiate a new organization instead of the UN – an activist from Kazakhstan


Ukraine now has the right to initiate a new organization instead of the UN - an activist from Kazakhstan

The other day it became known that the UN did not recognize the actions of the Russians in relation to the Ukrainians as genocide. Probably, this international organization has exhausted its possibilities and needs to be reformed.

A public figure and journalist from Kazakhstan, Arman Shuraev, told Channel 24 about this. He is convinced that Ukraine can initiate the creation of an organization that will become a good alternative to the UN.

Shuraev noted that there was a split in the UN regarding the war in Ukraine.

The anti-Russian coalition includes more than 100 civilized democratic countries, 7-8 countries are hesitant, and 3 countries support the aggressor.

According to the activist, these countries should organize a separate alliance of dictators or outcasts. They should not have anything to do with the new union that is being formed instead of the UN. After all, there is no place for such aggressive countries in the new world.

Ukraine has the right to initiate its own organization

Shuraev is convinced that now the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is not in vain the personification and example of a leader for any nation. Therefore, Ukraine can offer its own initiatives instead of the UN.

I think that all the initiatives that the Ukrainian authorities are voicing and offering today are very quickly finding a positive response. Therefore, I think that you have every right to initiate the creation of a large international organization,” the public figure concluded.

Shuraev commented on the UN decision: watch video

UN does not recognize Russia's actions as genocide

  • At a press conference, the head of the UN commission to investigate the crimes of Russia, Eric Nose, said that now no evidence of genocide by Russia has been found in Ukraine. But, according to him, “there are some aspects that may raise the question” of a possible genocide. This is despite the fact that in its own report, the UN mentions how the Russians tortured a man for the Ukrainian language.
  • However, on March 18, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for illegal actions to deport Ukrainian children. Recall that the deportation of children from the occupied territories is a sign of genocide.
  • Vladimir Vyatrovich said that the possibility of introducing such a concept as “rashism” into the legal field is being developed.

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