Ukraine will be given more than 150 Leopards: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assessed the level of tank assistance


Ukraine will be given more than 150 Leopards: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assessed the level of tank assistance

The Ukrainian side expects powerful deliveries of military equipment from the West. The number of tanks that will have the APU will be much greater.

Roman Svitan, a reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military expert and an instructor pilot, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, we can already understand the scale of the transfer of technology

There will be more tanks

Roman Svitan stressed that 150 units – this is exactly how much of the total Leopard will receive Ukraine.

And hundreds of tanks of a different level will also be transferred, that is, T-72, T-80, Challenger, there are French wheeled tanks. That is, the total range of the number of tanks is more than three hundred,” he explained.

The military expert also suggested that even up to five hundred equipment needed to fight the enemy would be transferred to Ukraine.

“You just need to understand that some basic numbers are not always spoken on the air – they are always underestimated. That is, if you are talking about 150 tanks, then you can safely multiply by one and a half, or even by two,” he added.

In addition, Svitan noted that now there is an understanding of who exactly is ready to give Ukraine a shoulder of help.

Roman Svitan commented on the transfer of tanks to Ukraine from the West: watch the video

Ukrainian crews at the ready

Roman Svitan said that the crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will use the new tanks in battle, are already ready.

“I think that they will immediately enter with their crews and perform certain combat missions on the basis of these tanks,” he stressed.

According to him, Western equipment will be transferred to the use of motorized infantry or tank brigades. The Ukrainian military will use it for offensive actions towards the Azov coast.

Military assistance to Ukraine: latest news

  • Finland is still considering the transfer of old Hornet fighters to Ukraine after receiving modern F-35s.
  • Ukraine will receive another batch of humanitarian aid from the community of Luxembourg – 14 armored ambulances manufactured by the British company Venari.
  • By the way, in November 2022, Luxembourg handed over a Czech-made Primoco One 150 UAV to Ukraine.
  • Senators from both parties of the USA put pressure on the Pentagon. to send F-16 to Ukraine.
  • In addition, the Danish government is working with Germany and the Netherlands to transfer at least 100 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine. This could happen as early as this spring.

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