Ukraine will demand at least 300 billion dollars in reparations from Russia


Ukraine will demand at least $300 billion in reparations from Russia

Ukraine will demand at least $300 billion in reparations from Russia for the damage it caused during the invasion.

In particular, at the UN General Assembly, Ukraine will seek the adoption of a resolution on which the creation of an international compensation mechanism should be based in the future. This was announced by the Minister of Justice Denis Malsky in an interview with the Funke media group.

We want to receive compensation for all the losses that Russia has inflicted on Ukraine with its aggressive war, Maliuska said.


The losses are much higher

It is noted that the losses inflicted on Ukraine as a result of the Russian full-scale invasion are much higher. However, this amount corresponds to the assets of the Bank of Russia in the G7 countries, which are frozen as a result of sanctions.

Ukraine will require access to these funds, as well as foreign assets of Russian state-owned enterprises and confiscated property of Russian oligarchs.

Help . According to KSE estimates, the total amount of direct damage to the Ukrainian economy from damage and destruction of residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure is 108.3 billion dollars or 2.9 trillion hryvnia.

By the way, the UK supports the idea that frozen Russian assets could be transferred to Ukraine. They want to follow the example of Canada and take the assets of the Russians in order to transfer them to Ukraine.

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