Ukraine will increase the level of social security for people “fell into poverty”: what does it mean


Ukraine will increase the level of social security of people, &quot ;fell into poverty": what does it mean

In Ukraine, they plan to increase the level of social security for people “fallen into poverty”. Ukrainians will be able to receive increased assistance from the state under certain conditions.

The Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovych said that the Ministry of Social Policy is currently working on a project designed to raise the standards of support for socially vulnerable groups of the population.


This will be another format that will allow us to be flexible and targeted in ensuring the social rights of people, without being tied to the subsistence minimum or being tied not only to it. – said Zholnovich.

Attention! We are talking about increasing social assistance for individuals, which will be 50% more than the subsistence minimum. But there are certain conditions.

According to Zholnovich, the increase will apply to all categories of citizens, provided:

  • if a person cannot work for objective reasons,
  • if her current income is not allows you to meet basic needs,
  • if a person is ready to actively engage in the restoration of economic independence

By the way, from October 1, a number of changes in payments to IDPs came into effect. They are connected with the introduction of a unified information system for the social sphere (UISS). Now IDPs can apply to any social security agency. It no longer matters the address that is the place of registration of a person.

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