Ukraine will open special prisons for thieves in law

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Ukraine will open special prisons for thieves in law

In 2022, the Ukrainian authorities plan to open special prisons for the detention of criminals in order to prevent their harmful influence on other prisoners. Elena Vysotskaya, Deputy Minister of Justice of the republic, said this in an interview to the Dom TV channel.

According to her, thieves in law are dangerous both at large and in colonies. They face the problem of resocialization when they leave the correctional facilities. New prisons with special conditions of detention, as the official noted, will be called upon to solve this problem.

“They occupy a high position in the criminal hierarchy, so someone thinks that they are serving them by following their orders. It is absolutely abnormal that they can influence the administration, intimidating, for example, the staff or the administration itself, ”Vysotskaya said.

She noted that the main goal of the initiative is to deprive such criminals of their “thieves' powers”. The Ministry of Justice will work both on strengthening control over the detention of such prisoners, installing jammers for mobile communications, and on their psychological and moral state.

“This is a chamber type of content, not just a dormitory where everyone can be together. These are isolated premises, and it is more expensive for the state to maintain such institutions. These are technical means – video communication, video surveillance, video recorders for personnel in order to avoid conflicts. It should be a modern institution, ”the deputy minister added.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities publicly reported on the deportation or capture of all thieves in law in the country. As the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of the country, Aleksey Danilov, assured, “at the beginning of the year there were 34 people with the status of a thief in law in the country, today it is zero”.

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