Ukraine will receive howitzers from Estonia

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Ukraine will receive howitzers from Estonia

On Sunday, February 27, during an emergency meeting of the State Council of Finland on the issue of additional assistance to Ukraine, they decided to allow Estonia to supply Kiev with 122-mm howitzers.

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen told Yle about this.

The State Council also decided to send 2,000 body armor, 2,000 helmets, 100 stretchers and first aid supplies to Ukraine.

Prior to this, Finland limited itself to providing Ukraine with only humanitarian and financial assistance.

The supply of howitzers was unlocked by the fact that Germany allowed the export of its weapons to Ukraine.

Estonia will supply Ukraine with 122-mm Soviet-designed D30 howitzers purchased from Finland in 2009. Before that they were owned by Germany.

It was also decided to supply American Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

Deliveries became possible thanks to the consent of the former owners of these weapons.

The United States immediately agreed to the Javelin – this weapon is already in Ukraine.

However, Germany until recently did not agree to give permission for the supply of howitzers.

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