Ukraine's desire to negotiate decreases “with every new Bucha and Mariupol” – Zelensky


Ukraine's desire to negotiate decreases

Zelensky speaks to students at the Institute for Political Studies in Paris/CNN

Given more and more evidence of the atrocities of Russian troops in Ukraine, Kyiv is running out of patience for negotiations with Russia, Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized.

Today, May 11, the President addressed the students of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. He expressed Ukraine's position on negotiations with Russia, CNN reports.

The head of state noted that the Ukrainian side is ready to enter into negotiations with the aggressor country before it is too late.

With every new Bucha, with every new Mariupol, with every new city, where there are dozens of dead, cases of rape, with each new atrocity, the desire and ability to negotiate disappears, as well as the possibility of resolving this issue diplomatically,” he added.

During his speech, Zelensky resolutely stated that he was confident in Kyiv’s victory in this war. He also stressed that Ukraine would return all its territories.

In particular, the President of Ukraine recalled the need for Ukraine to join the European Union. He also called for significant steps to include our state in the EU.

“Ukraine will only aggravate other states, our army has demonstrated its capabilities. Our people have proven themselves,” Zelensky stressed.

Russian atrocities in the Kyiv region: latest news

  • Another mass grave was discovered near Makarov in the Kyiv region. The Russians killed three men with shots to the head during the occupation of the village.
  • The bodies of two young men, aged 22 and 23, were found in Vyshgorod. They were brutally killed by infidels, and after that they were also run over by a tank.
  • On May 3, near Bucha, they found the body of a 10-year-old girl and the bodies of three adults, deliberately and brutally killed by Russian troops.
  • During On May 4, the bodies of 20 more people killed by the Russians were found in the Kyiv region. In total, as of May 4, 1235 people became victims of the invaders in the region.

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