Ukrainian Armed Forces continue offensive operations in the South – British intelligence on strike targets


UAF continue their offensive operations in the South – British intelligence on strike targets

British intelligence has confirmed that the Ukrainian military is continuing offensive operations in the south of the country. So the Russian invaders will not be at all sweet on Ukrainian soil.

Our soldiers reinforce the intensity of the offensive with long-range strikes. Ukrainian defenders attack Russian command and logistics facilities in the occupied territories.

On August 30-31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued offensive operations in the South of Ukraine, reinforced by intensive long-range strikes against Russian command and material facilities in the occupied zone, the report says.

The enemy is trying to pass off the UAF counteroffensive as a “failure”

The American Institute for the Study of War said that Russian propagandists from the first days of Ukraine's announcement of a counteroffensive in the South have been trying to pass it off as a “failure.” This thesis is spread even by the so-called “oppositionists”. At the same time, experts emphasize that hostilities of this magnitude do not resort and do not fail in a day or a week.

Latest news about the war in Ukraine

  • During the day on August 31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 450 Russian infidels, 23 tanks, 33 armored fighting vehicles, 24 artillery systems, 2 multiple launch rocket systems, an air defense system, etc. Most of the soldiers and equipment the enemy got rid of in the Donetsk and Kurakhov directions.
  • On September 1, the invaders can commit provocations in the temporarily occupied territories. Schools are under threat. All because the hostile Ministry of Defense published the exact coordinates of the location of all educational institutions. The ISW believes that the enemy can strike and blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to meet with Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin in the near future. This meeting, according to the politician, should take place on neutral territory.

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