Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter Karas named the most promising direction of the counteroffensive


Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter Karas named the most promising direction of the counteroffensive

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for a counteroffensive into the occupied territories. However, the Ukrainian command knows how to surprise and conduct interesting operations.

This was stated in a commentary on Channel 24 by a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yevgeny Karas. He noted that Ukrainians are waiting for a lot of “amazing special effects” from the Armed Forces and from the Main Intelligence Directorate.

“It doesn't matter what I know. What matters is what the enemy says and where he is afraid. And why are we all worried about Melitopol,” he said.

Karas noticed that there would be a lot of interesting things and what they had once dreamed of would happen.

“The allies are preparing for this, we are preparing for this. Allies for the supply of material and technical assistance to the Armed Forces or certain other components,” the fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted.

The serviceman said that he communicates with many units, so they are sure that there will be a lot of “cotton”.

We are now overtaking the enemy thanks to our craftsmen, thanks to Western support, a mix of our craftsmen and Western support. We overtake the Russians. It's important, he added.

“Strengthening” the Russian army

The soldier is convinced that while the Ukrainian military is waiting for military assistance from the allies, the Russians are waiting for Soviet T-62 tanks.

“We are waiting for the Leopards and a lot that you haven’t been told. And the Russians are waiting for the T-62, with certain metal protection there, tinny and dynamic,” said Yevgeny Karas.

He added that in this way the T-62 tank becomes an impenetrable “tin” that will withstand a shot from an RPG, but will not withstand a Javelin and Stugna, not to mention modern tank shells.

“That's what the Russians are waiting for – “strengthening,” he said.

Where can there be a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Karas suggested that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could be in the Melitopol direction.

“After all, this is the shoulder of logistics. This is the Crimean Bridge, with which, most likely, something bad will happen again,” he said.

He said that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter Melitopol, then they will “cut off” the Volnovakha-Melitopol railway line.

“The nuts are coming to their entire group in the southern sector, where they still have problems there,” the serviceman said.

Karas noted that Russian propagandists had already talked about how the Russians were preparing trenches in the occupied territories. And the trenches, he believes, will not win the war or the defense.

“In these trenches, they covered some planks with chain-link mesh. In conditions of arrival and in the rain, it all ends up in the trenches. And there will be another problem – where to hide,” the defender said.

What is the most promising direction for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: watch the video

Disaster for Russia

He said that if everything goes according to Ukraine's plan, then the Russians will have a bad defense.

And if we cut off all this, Crimea is cut off further, panic begins. And it turns out that the Crimea – we will have a training ground. It's like a cake, on which we will simply endlessly add our “highlights”, – said Yevgeny Karas.

And this, he is sure, will be a huge military-political catastrophe for Russia.

Future dismissal of the Luhansk region

Regarding the liberation of the Northern Luhansk region, the AFU serviceman added that the APU could never make a surprise there. He noted that there are regions of Russia nearby, from which the occupiers can maintain a connection.

“It will not be so effective for us to realize our advantage in the accuracy of these Western weapons,” he said.

The fighter stressed that after the “sprinkle” of the Crimea, the enemy's morale in the Luhansk region will deteriorate significantly.

“And he will understand (the enemy – Channel 24) that” we are still losing territories, so why stand to the death, “Karas said.

The military man noted that from the persistence of the Russians it is clear that they seem to be “bitching” for every meter and they really show courage. However, he is convinced that this courage has a limit when it is said that their losses are hidden from the occupiers and they do not know them. And when they lose the Crimea, or at least, a threat hangs over it, they will understand everything differently.

Then every chmobik, no matter how much you take away mobile phones from him when entering the territory of occupied Ukraine, will understand that “the case smells of kerosene,” he said.

What will change the situation in the Black Sea

Yevgeny Karas said that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine stand at the entrance to the occupied Crimea, this will seriously change the situation in the Black Sea.

“And this is logistics, this is diplomacy, this is symbolism. The South will wait for us. But in what order it will be … I think we will have many interesting surprises for the Russians,” he summed up.

The future counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: latest news

  • the invaders are preparing for the defense of the Crimea. Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the GUR MO, noted that all the actions of the Russians on the temporarily occupied peninsula are constantly monitored by the Main Intelligence Directorate.
  • Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov said that the prospects for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the spring-summer are “movement towards victory.” He noted that the hopes of the Russians “to drag out for a very long time” the war against Ukraine would not come true.
  • The United States wants to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons as soon as possible. In addition, the Ukrainian military is training there before the big spring counteroffensive.

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