Ukrainian Armed Forces hit 2 enemy command posts and air defense system in Nova Kakhovka: 24-hour report by OK “South”


APU hit 2 enemy command posts and the air defense system in Nova Kakhovka: OK "Yug" report ; per day

Active fighting continues across the front line, including in the South. The defenders spoke about the attacks and losses of the invaders on August 24.

The operational command “South” noted that the situation in the region remains difficult and tense. However, it is completely controlled by the defenders.

Invaders attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and peaceful cities

The invaders continue to conduct military operations at the defensive line. During the day on August 24, there were no significant changes in the composition and position of Russian units. However, during the day, the invaders tried twice to advance in the direction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The sabotage and reconnaissance group tried to approach our observation post near Blagodatnoye. It was discovered in time and stopped by a fiery rebuff, – noted in OK “South”.

The invaders suffered losses and retreated. Also, the attempt to storm the enemy motorized rifle squad in the direction of Tauride was not successful. The invaders retreated with losses.

The Russians, as always, tried to compensate for the lack of success on land with air and missile strikes. In particular, they attacked the positions of Ukrainian defenders 6 times with helicopters and attack aircraft. Fortunately, the attacks passed without loss.

However, the occupiers also fired air-launched missiles at the railway station in the Dnepropetrovsk region, as a result of which:

  • a fire broke out in passenger cars,
  • buildings, electrical networks, cars were damaged,

    • li>
    • 22 people died and about 50 were injured.

    For the time being, information about this attack is being clarified

    In addition, in the evening, the invaders attacked Nikolaev with rockets from the Smerch multiple launch rocket system. The enemy directed them towards the port. There were no human losses. The scale of the destruction is still being specified.

    The invaders suffer losses in the South

    During the day, Ukrainian aviation inflicted 4 strikes on the positions of the occupiers in the Berislav region, including the air defense systems in Nova Kakhovka. ️

    In turn, the rocket and artillery units once again hit the Kakhovka bridge. The results of the hits are still being clarified. At the same time, the confirmed losses of infidels are:

    • 12 soldiers,
    • 3 units of armored vehicles,
    • ammunition depot.

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine also hit the command and observation post of the battalion tactical group of the 33rd motorized rifle regiment and the 7th military base.

    ️Odessite helped the Russians

    Law enforcement officers reported suspicion to a resident of Odessa, who justified Russia's full-scale military invasion of Ukraine and the criminal actions of the occupiers. During the investigation, they found and seized from him:

    • internal and international passports of a citizen of a terrorist country,
    • a pension certificate of an FSB major,
    • Russian bank cards.

    Currently, investigative actions are ongoing. The attacker is in custody.

    Another Russian agent was detained during the “hunt” for the positions of Ukrainian HIMARS in the frontline areas of Mykolaiv region. The man was also placed in jail. Law enforcers have begun an investigation.

    There are 4 Russian ships with “Caliber” in the Black Sea

    The storm continues in the Black Sea, so 12 ships and boats of the enemy Russian fleet continue to be based closer to the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

    However, 4 Caliber carriers, in particular 1 underwater one, keep 28 high-precision projectiles at the ready, – noted in OK “South”.

    Therefore, the defenders urged the Ukrainians not to neglect air raid signals, not to approach suspicious objects and immediately report them to the appropriate specialists.

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