Ukrainian army is the only one in the world that meets NATO criteria – Piontkovsky


Ukrainian the only army in the world that meets NATO criteria, – Piontkovsky

The Ukrainian army meets NATO criteria/Getty Images

NATO declares that it does not accept Ukraine into the Alliance due to alleged non-compliance with the criteria. However, this is not the case at all.

In fact, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is afraid of Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed by Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky on Channel 24.

“The Ukrainian army is the only army in the world that meets NATO criteria,” Piontkovsky emphasized.

Ukraine fulfills the tasks of NATO

He explained that the organization was created in order to stop the Soviet, Russian aggressive machine that threatens the free peoples of the world.

Nobody, except for the Ukrainian army, is now fulfilling this task, – the publicist believes.

NATO says they do not accept our state into the Alliance because it, they say, does not respond some criteria.

The Alliance is afraid of Putin, – Piontkovsky

“In fact, Ukraine is not accepted into NATO, because they (Alliance countries – Channel 24) are afraid of Putin's aggression”, – Piontkovsky noted.

Back in 2008, when the question of Ukraine's membership arose, the head of the Kremlin intimidated the organization with nuclear blackmail and continues to intimidate until so far.

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