Ukrainian borscht launched into space

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Ukrainian borscht launched into space

Ukrainian supermarket chain “Silpo” launched borscht and buckwheat baguette into space. The retailer posted a video of the flight on its official Instagram account.

The unusual act of “Silpo” was timed to coincide with the suborbital flight of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on July 20.

“The billionaire has no idea that Ukrainian products have visited the stratosphere before. The entire planet is watching space travel, and now is the best time to tell that Ukrainian borscht is space!” – explains the organizer of the launch, marketing director Ekaterina Oguryaeva.

Borscht and baguette were lifted on a stratospheric balloon to a height of 30 thousand meters at a speed of six meters per second. We reached the required height in about an hour and a half. The flight could be observed through cameras installed on the sides. According to the company, preparation for the launch took about a month: the team repeatedly checked the borscht containers and baguette fasteners.

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