Ukrainian defenders destroyed 12 kamikaze drones that attacked Mykolaiv region at night


Ukrainian defenders destroyed 12 kamikaze drones that attacked Mykolaiv region at night

Russian invaders once again launched Iranian kamikaze drones on the Mykolaiv region on the night of October 19. They have traditionally been shot down by our military.

Enemy aircraft never reached their destination. The Ukrainian military prevented her from doing this.

11 Shahed-136 drones were liquidated by the fighters of the Air Command “South”, and another 1 by the National Guardsmen.

By the way, about the fact that they flew into the Nikolaev region enemy drones OVA Chairman Vitaly Kim reported at 10:47 pm on October 18.

Mopeds in the area. We are looking for, – the official wrote.

Nights with drone raids are already a “tradition” for Mykolaiv region

The previous night passed in the region according to a similar scenario. the occupiers also launched kamikaze drones to attack people at night. Fortunately, our military successfully worked and shot down all the drones.

At the same time, the light went out in Nikolaev and several districts of the region.

How to recognize a kamikaze drone/Infographic 24 channel

Ukraine wants to break diplomatic relations with Iran

After the Russians attacked Kyiv with Iranian drones and killed 5 people, people came to the country's embassy in Kyiv. They brought posters and stones from a destroyed house attacked by drones. The people of Kiev accused Iran of supporting terrorism.

On October 18, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced that our state wants to break off diplomatic relations with Iran. Tehran has officially been called an accomplice in Russian aggression against Ukraine. Kuleba also called on the European Union to impose sanctions against a state that helps kill Ukrainians.

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