Ukrainian fighter jet hit 2 Russian ammunition depots in Kherson region


Ukrainian fighter aircraft hit 2 Russian ammunition depots in Kherson region

Invaders' ammunition is burning in Kherson region/EPA

Russian invaders continue to lose weapons in the occupied territories. Information about the losses of the Russians is currently being clarified.

This was reported on July 1 in the operational command “South”.

“In the Kherson region, our fighter attacked two enemy ammunition depots. In total, the units of the defense forces completed more than 120 fire missions. The results of hits and enemy losses are being specified,” the command said.

The Russians have less drones

The drone of the invaders “Outpost” was looking for a target to destroy in the Mykolaiv region. However, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit accurately destroyed it.

What the Russians are doing in the Kherson region

Russian killers are fleeing from certain regions of the Kherson region, because they are afraid of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Consequently, they run away from the scene of hostilities to the Crimea through the Arabat Spit.

In particular, deserters appeared in the temporarily occupied Kalinovka. Occupiers from 18 to 20 years old. They were in Russian-style military uniforms, but without insignia and headdresses. The invaders wandered around the village and begged people for food. Locals noted that Russians move at night and hide during the day.

Traitors in Kherson

Deputy Alexei Kovalev's car, who began collaborating with Russian assassins, was blown up in Kherson. The collaborator survived the explosion and is in the hospital. He said that he plans to soon return “to his direct functional obligations” and “work” until 2023.

Locals organized a real hunt for collaborators in the Kherson region. Gauleiters do not feel safe even at home. The traitors of Ukraine are not saved even by their criminal Russian leadership – they appoint power from Russia.

People are being terrorized

The invaders mock people, but they call it “filtration measures”. Searches and kidnappings take place every day in different regions of the Kherson region.

Pay attention – Russian killers in the occupied territories make even children fight: watch the video

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