Ukrainians abroad should be registered with the military: how it happens


Ukrainians abroad should be registered with the military: how it happens

Martial law continued in Ukraine, and with it, general mobilization. If in 2022 no one talked about the military registration of those who are abroad, then in 2023 it was legally approved.

Now, reservists and those liable for military service outside the country are also required to become registered. This implies Resolution No. 1487 of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In 2023, a number of responsibilities were assigned to the diplomatic institutions of Ukraine. They have the authority to register those abroad.

Who needs to be registered

Embassies, as well as consulates, are required to keep military records of conscripts, those liable for military service, as well as reservists. We are talking about those who are on temporary consular records.

If a conscript, a person liable for military service or a reservist is removed or registered, then within 7 days the relevant:

  • district (city) territorial recruitment and social support centers,
  • SBU bodies,
  • units of the foreign intelligence service.

Under what conditions is it necessary to deregister in Ukraine

If a conscript, conscript or reservist leaves the country for a long time, he will need to be deregistered. We are talking about a period of more than 3 months. To do this, he must personally arrive at:

  • the corresponding district (city) territorial center of recruitment and social support;
  • body of the SBU;
  • branch of the foreign intelligence service.

Important! In order to remove yourself from the register, you need to have documents confirming your departure from the country.

And if a man leaves Ukraine for more than three months, then he must be registered with the military in the state in which he will be located. To do this, you will need to visit the diplomatic institution of Ukraine.

As soon as a reservist, conscript or conscript arrives in another state, he has 7 days to register. To do this, you should have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as relevant military registration documents.

Let's summarize. If a man plans to stay abroad for more than 3 months, he must be removed from the military register in Ukraine. And upon arrival in another state – within 7 days – to be registered there.

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