Ukrainians have created a chatbot where everyone can help local volunteers: how to do it


Ukrainians have created a chatbot where everyone can help local volunteers: how to do it

Everyone can help local volunteers/

The Iron Joker has a face. Not one. Lots of good people. It is not only the company's team and players anymore.

It is also a lot of people whom the company helps with funds so that they can help those who need it. People who have lost their usual life and are forced to seek their destiny somewhere else. People who have chosen to stay in the dangerous cities of our country because this is their home. People who risk themselves every day to save others. To people who have open hearts and a strong spirit, so that Ukrainians have a future.

Since the beginning of the war, the team has completely changed the format of work. She focused on the protection and safety of her workers. In particular, they help with logistics, find housing and provide financial support.

We did not cut wages and offered psychological support to our colleagues. People are the most valuable thing our team has. Therefore, they have become the priority of the company's work in these times, – they say in the company.

During the move, many employees met people who needed help along the way. It could be a car driver who did not have enough for fuel, or a fund that helps displaced people with the necessary things. After all, in every region there are people who need support right now. They can't wait, and the team couldn't stand aside.

Volunteering within the company

“We started to work from heart to heart – we directly contacted people and helped with needs on the ground. Now the Iron Joker has many volunteer friends, whom we will talk about in a separate telegram chat. Names, contacts, how they help – that's all in the public domain so that you can directly support those who help others. Without conventions and heavy procedures. Direct help to see a direct answer,” they say in the company.

Every week the chat will share news from volunteers. They can be supported in many ways:

  • financially – donate any amount to the account that is added, or share your own winnings;
  • pay attention and share contacts among friends. Believe me, this is already a help.

So who are the friends of the Iron Joker?

Today, the company is already collaborating with:

  • those who who help mothers and children evacuate to the west of Ukraine and abroad;
  • those whose hands take care of refugees and people in need of help in hot spots;
  • those whose faces and open hearts are the first to be seen by frightened people at train stations;
  • those who take care of children, the elderly and people with disabilities;
  • those who deliver humanitarian aid, medicines and food under shelling;
  • those who have a bright soul and save animals.

Among the friends of the company is a Lviv resident who transports mothers and children abroad at his own expense; a psychologist who supports the mental health of Ukrainians for free during the war; a woman who runs a shelter of 30 animals; a volunteer who stayed in dangerous areas and is coordinating the actions of local people. also cooperates with funds whose reliability has been personally verified by the company's employees. They are:

  • Cheerful Children Charity Fund, cared for by elderly people;
  • Happy Children NGO;
  • Svoyi Charitable Foundation;
  • CF of graduates of the Klavdievskaya secondary school;
  • Organization “Fighting bees” and others.

Follow the news of the project “ALL WILL BE HUMANITY” or go directly to the bot, where you can find more information about volunteers. Remember: helping a friend is helping many.

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