Ukrainians in the annexed territories will be forced to serve in the army of the enemy: Putin introduced laws to the State Duma


Ukrainians in the annexed territories will be forced to serve in the army of the enemy: Putin submitted laws to the State Duma

Putin introduced constitutional laws on the annexation of Ukrainian territories in the State Duma. Documents that have no international significance will be accepted on October 3

Putin plans to annex Ukrainian territories, after men from these regions will be forcibly mobilized into the Russian army to fight against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is reported by the Russian media.

Plans for the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia

Vladimir Putin plans to illegally annex parts of Kherson, Lugansk, Donetsk and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine.

The document says that two new quasi-republics and two regions should appear as part of Russia. In order to do this, you need to change the first part of article 65 of the constitution of a hostile state. It lists the regions of Russia.

The dictator also plans to include the paramilitaries of the quasi-republics and two regions of Ukraine in the armed forces. This will mean that men from these regions will be mobilized into the enemy army.

Important!The Russian Constitutional Court has already recognized the annexation treaties as legal. The State Duma will consider bills from Putin October 3 . After that, they must be adopted by the Federation Council and signed by the dictator himself.

What awaits Ukrainians in the uncontrolled territories

  • Russia plans to create “federal executive bodies” in the annexed territories by June 1, 2023 .
  • According to these bills, after December 31, 2022, only rubles should be in circulation in these regions. Until that time, hryvnias may also remain.
  • In addition, the Kremlin, without the consent of the Ukrainians – “automatically” – will issue them Russian citizenship. Although it is declared that exceptions will be made for those who express a desire not to change their Ukrainian passport for a month.

Pay attention! In any case, it is important to remember that the Kremlin's intentions in any moment can spoil the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the very least, Putin will never be able to draw Liman on the map of his terrorist state. The city was completely cleared of invaders.

The reaction of the world community to the annexation

It is obvious that no civilized country will ever recognize the results of pseudo-referendums and the annexation of Ukrainian territories. Putin's actions were condemned, but everything was not limited to chatter.

NATO countries will continue to support our state and provide weapons without fear of an “escalation of the conflict.” The world understands that Ukraine has the right to return parts of its regions by force.

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