Ukrainians wish Kissinger good health and a closed mouth


Ukrainians wish Kissinger good health and closed mouth

Henry Kissinger is not relevant in the 21st century/Getty Images Kissinger is still alive. Let's be honest, at 98 you don't really have to listen to the advice of a person who last did something in politics in the distant 70s (okay, back in the 80s).

A relic of ancient times

Kissinger as a whole remained mentally in the era of the young Biden and the aging Brezhnev.

It's nice to listen sometimes, wonderful material for geological interviews, where every second phrase will sound something like this : “But I still remember there was a case, somehow Kerensky came into the office and said …

Mentally, he remained in those distant 70s – 80s. All exact phrases and forecasts are historical fiction.

How I went to the museum

In Germany, there are also several such relics that are over 90, they come to talk shows and start talking about agreements with the early Gorbachev-Shevardnadze, about Gromyko or Honecker. You sit and listen to how you went to the museum.

But no more. For the most part, they begin to be brought in and they begin to teach the new generation of their geopolitical experience, which for 30 years has nothing to do with reality.

Let's wish Kissinger and his colleagues from the 60s-80s good health, but shut your mouth.

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