Under false flags: Russian oil enters Europe in circumvention of sanctions

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Under false flags: Russian oil enters Europe in circumvention of sanctions

Despite EU sanctions, Russian tankers continue to deliver oil to European ports.

Tankers owned by the Russian state company Sovcomflot continue to deliver oil to European ports, bypassing Western sanctions. In particular, the transportation is carried out by vessels flying the flag of Liberia.

This is reported by Meduza, citing data from the investigation of the international platform OCCRP.

As the investigators found out, the Russian company was able to circumvent the restrictions thanks to that it registered them as the property of its subsidiaries in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

International politics and finance specialist Ricardo Soares noted that in such a situation it is almost impossible to trace the ownership of the vessel when the company changes the names of the ships , and tankers themselves turn off trackers in some countries. He also noted that sailing under the Liberian flag is the easiest way to hide the origin of the vessel.

OCCRP has discovered more than 18 Sovcomflot tankers that continue to operate, each carrying an average of about $240 million worth of oil .

The organization tracked down at least five of them as the ships either returned, were en route, or were in ports in Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands after EU sanctions against the company took effect.

It is still unclear who exactly is the buyer of Russian oil delivered by tankers.

Recall that in June the EU decided on the sixth package of sanctions, which provides for a gradual embargo on oil from Russia.

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