Under the “holiday” sabbath: the invaders once again sent stolen metal from Mariupol to Russia


Under the

Russians continue to steal metal from the bombed Mariupol/Channel 24 collage

The looting of Mariupol destroyed by the Russians continues. The enemy is trying to steal everything they can from the city.

The Russian invaders decided to celebrate the “day of Russia” with new thefts and looting. For Russians, crime is the highest consolation, so there is nothing surprising in such a perverse approach to celebrating memorable dates for them.

Another export of stolen metal from Mariupol

The Russians in the temporarily occupied territories decided to hold their various “events” timed to coincide with the “Day of Russia”. People ignored the “concerts” of the enemy – free Ukrainians are not going to create a picture for Russian propaganda and play into the hands of the enemy. According to the adviser to the mayor of Melitopol, Petr Andryushchenko, another shipment of stolen metal from the port of rolled metal went from Mariupol in the direction of Russia. This is the third such enemy flight.

While the “Putler Youth” is waving flags around the city, Russia is celebrating in the port for real: another shipment of stolen rolled metal from the port. The third time. Such is he, “the day of Russia”. The Day of the Murderer and Marauder,” Andryushchenko wrote.

Russians transport metal-roll stolen in Mariupol by sea: video

Situation in Mariupol: latest news

  • The Russian occupiers boasted that they were opening a children's hospital in Mariupol, which they had destroyed. The Russians could not do without crimes even here – they stole the bedding from Ukrzaliznytsia.
  • The enemy intends to build a line of defense in Mariupol. The Russians hope to hide behind civilians – they build their line near residential buildings and cynically declare a “human shield”. The occupiers are well aware that the courageous and heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine never open fire on residential buildings and hope to use this factor to hold their positions.
  • The occupiers' tractor exploded while clearing the rubble. According to preliminary information, one invader and two employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations “went” to Kobzon's concert.

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