Undermining the Crimean bridge is a carefully planned operation by the SBU, – expert


Blowing up the Crimean Bridge – carefully planned SBU operation, – expert

Today's explosion and fire on the Crimean bridge is the result of the work of the Security Service of Ukraine.

This was announced in his telegram channel by political scientist Aleksey Golobutsky, citing sources. This is confirmed by my sources in law enforcement. Details are not yet disclosed. The special operation itself was prepared for a long time and carefully,” said Golobutsky.

In the SBU, according to Golobutsky, they also hinted at involvement in the blowing up of the bridge.

“The SBU itself has not yet officially commented on its participation in these events. And this is quite expected. However, on the social networks of the Service in the morning they hinted that it was the SBU who was behind the explosion – they published a photo of the collapsed parts of the Crimean bridge with the logo of the Service and paraphrased Shevchenko's famous poem: Soloveyko is telling Krim the SBU,” the expert emphasized.

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