UNESCO Prize: Khibiny Minerals and Global Problems of Humanity

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UNESCO Prize: Khibiny Minerals and Global Problems of Humanity

Astrophyllite: one of the many Khibiny minerals in the collection of the museum in Kirovsk

PhosAgro, UNESCO and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced the results of the sixth Green Chemistry for Life competition. Among the seven young chemists who will receive support under the grant program is Galina Kalashnikova, employee of the Center for Nanomaterial Science of the Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The award ceremony took place on November 8. The victory in the competition was brought to Galina and her team by a project to obtain analogues of titanosilicate minerals from waste of metallurgical and other enterprises. Galina Kalashnikova spoke about the properties of the rarest minerals from the Khibiny and the difficulties of synthesizing their analogues in an interview with Indicator.Ru.

– Galina, tell us more about what titanosilicates are. Have you been studying these materials for a long time?

– What properties are titanosilicates remarkable, and what in their structure and composition determines their features?

– To what extent are they in demand in the industry?

– And your project is to create methods for the synthesis of new titanosilicates?

– What distinguishes your methods for the synthesis of titanosilicates from other known ones?

Our main advantage is that we can synthesize minerals from inexpensive sources of titanium and silicon, usually from what remains in the production of major products of mineral processing and metallurgical plants around the world. Thanks to this, our techniques are cheaper. Before us, no one has yet used secondary resources in the synthesis of titanosilicates. Our country occupies one of the leading places in the world both in terms of resources of titanium deposits and in the production of titanium products. And it is especially important for us to use titanium-containing ores more fully, to increase the percentage of their processing, to get more products that are useful for humanity based on them.

– What direction in the use of synthetic titanosilicates do you consider the most important?

– How close are the technologies you created to implementation? What companies do you cooperate with?

– How long is the work on the grant project expected? What are you planning to invest in?

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