Unidentified armed gang fire and loot Brazil's second city

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Unidentified armed gang shelled and plundered Brazil's second city

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Armed militants laid siege to the city of Cameta (State of Para) in Brazil, robbing local banks. The portal G1 reports.

It is noted that unknown criminals took dozens of local residents hostage and used them as human shields. The attackers fired at the city for more than an hour, after which they fled in cars and boats. The victims have not yet been reported. Local residents write on social networks about the past “night of terror”.

This is already the second attack in a day – on the eve of similar events unfolded in the city of Crisiuma (Santa Catarina state). In particular, the gang robbed local bank branches and insurers' offices there. In addition, the attackers were able to turn off the electricity in the city and started a firefight with the police. As a result, the criminals retreated by blowing up a car on the outskirts of the city.

In the summer, in 11 regions of Brazil, the largest round-up of the first capital team (Primeiro Comando da Capital, PCC), considered the most powerful in the country, took place. The states of Alagoas and Ceara became the main centers of its holding. Then one of the goals was the arrest of an exclusively female group in the gang.

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