Unidentified man with a knife decapitated a woman in France

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Unidentified man with a knife decapitated a woman in France

Photos from the scene

At least three people were injured and died in an attack by an unknown person with a knife in Nice, France. Reported by Reuters.

The attack took place near the Church of Notre Dame de Nice. One woman was beheaded in the attack, according to a police source. The leader of the National Union Party Marine Le Pen told about this to journalists.

The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, said on his Twitter page that the police had arrested the attacker. He also asked citizens to bypass the crime area.

Other details of the incident have not yet been reported.

On the evening of October 16, in a suburb of Paris, 18-year-old Chechen Abdulakh Anzorov watched for teacher Samuel Pati outside the college, killed him and beheaded. Later, the terrorist was shot. The killer was a young man who was born in Moscow and at the age of six moved with his family to France, where he received the status of a political refugee.

It is known that Anzorov attacked the teacher of Pati after seeing a video on the network in which the student's father condemned the teacher for showing the children a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The video said in which educational institution this happened.

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