Unknown escaped from South Korea to North

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Yonhap: On January 1, an unknown fled from South Korea to North Korea, there is no information about his fate

Unknown escaped from South Korea to North

Photo: Kim Hong-Ji

On January 1, an unknown person stopped a barrage in the eastern South Korean province of Gangwon and fled to the DPRK. This is reported by Yonhap with reference to the military.

Special equipment recorded that the person was in the demilitarized zone at 21:20 on Saturday local time (15:20 Moscow time). About an hour later, he crossed the demarcation line. South Korean soldiers were sent to capture the defector, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Information about the person and his fate is still unknown. On the morning of Sunday, January 2, Seoul sent a notification to North Korea via the western military line of communication. An investigation is underway.

Earlier, South Korea announced that it was ready, together with the DPRK, China and the United States, to declare the end of the Korean War of 1950-1953. But negotiations have not yet begun due to Pyongyang's demands. In September, Kim Yeo-jung, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, made it clear that Pyongyang would only enter into dialogue if the US abandoned what she called “hostile policies.”

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