Unknown stealth plane caught on video in the USA

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Unknown stealth plane caught on video in the USA

In a video on TikTok, a previously unknown model of a stealth plane was noticed, writes The Aviationist.

The structure, shaped like a military aircraft, was attached to a trailer bound for the Stealth Aircraft Test Site in Hallendale, California. It is noted that not far from the landfill is the Skunk Works, one of the divisions of Lockheed Martin, which is engaged in secret development.

Open data scientist Ruben Hofs, who spotted a possible prototype, initially mistook it for a movie prop, but then identified the location with Google Earth and concluded that “this is not just a beautiful movie prop, but perhaps a proof of concept design. who is being tested there. “

At the Hallendale test site, prototype aircraft are mounted on poles or hydraulic supports that are lifted from the ground through doors on the surface of the runway.

To check the radar signature, the aircraft are mounted upside down on the mast so that the mount does not interfere with testing by shading the section behind it.

The design in the video, as noted by Hofs, is similar to the figure of a stealth plane being transported upside down.

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It is not possible to identify the object shown in the video. However, we can talk about the Next-Generation Air Dominance model – a joint project of the US Air Force and US aircraft manufacturers to create a sixth generation fighter.

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