Unlikely to threaten Putin – journalist on the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow


Unlikely to threaten Putin - journalist on the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow

Xi Jinping's visit to Russia raises many questions and speculations among analysts. According to one version, he is trying to annoy the United States and show that he has a pool of close countries, including Russia. According to another, to force Vladimir Putin to make some decision that is unpleasant for him.

International journalist Alexei Burlakov suggested that Xi Jinping would talk with Putin about the “peace plan” that the head of China presented. He told Channel 24 about this.

Xi Jinping wants to show what he is for the world

He recalled that after a visit to Russia, Xi Jinping will talk with Vladimir Zelensky – by phone or during an online meeting. And then he will fly to Europe, but it is still unknown who he will meet there.

Most likely, Xi wants to show that he is for the world and that he will solve global issues. – stressed the journalist.

In his opinion, it is unlikely that the head of China will threaten Putin or force him to make any negotiations or concessions. It's not very beneficial for him.

What Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin will talk about in Moscow: watch the video

Looks like a big fiction

“The approach is that he is supposedly flying to promote his” peace plan “. But will he really root for him, is this just an excuse to meet with Putin, or to show that I'm great, they say, I did everything I could,” – says Burlakov.

He drew attention to the fact that Moscow has not yet confirmed the date of Xi Jinping's visit.

Therefore, it looks like a big fiction, but I can’t guess what it consists of. Or indeed there will be no visit, but they will somehow meet. Or an attempt to show one thing, but in fact solve something else, – the interlocutor suggested.

According to Aleksey Burlakov, Xi Jinping has just been re-elected as head of the PRC, and he must show that he is still capable of something.

Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: analysts' opinions

  • Political scientist Andrey Vigirinsky believes that at the meeting between Xi and Putin, calls for the supply of weapons are unlikely to be voiced. In his opinion, then this will be a recognition that the Russian “heavy duty”, “ultra modern” military-industrial complex is “flawed” and needs help. And this does not fit into the imperial image that Putin is forming.
  • Political scientist Igor Reiterovich stressed: if during Xi Jinping's visit to Russia the phrase is heard that Russia should withdraw its troops to the borders of 1991, then China is actually ready to resolve the situation. He continued that it is known what Russia's reaction will be, but it is not certain that they will immediately make it public during Xi Jinping's visit.
  • Political analyst Valery Klochok noted that Xi Jinping is forced to go to Putin in order to talk about something with him. It is very important for China now to end the war and maintain export ties, because the Chinese economy is largely dependent on exports.

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