Unpleasant “gifts” from the sea: how Russia created problems for the countries of the Black Sea basin


Unpleasant "gifts" from the sea: how Russia created problems for the countries of the Black Sea basin

Russian occupiers in Ukraine leave behind a large number of mined areas that pose a great danger. The situation in the Black Sea is no better.

ThisChannel 24 was told by the speaker of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Bratchuk. According to him, unpleasant “surprises” from the enemy are constantly found in coastal areas – sea mines.

The situation is especially aggravated in bad weather.

Now the sea is stormy , this is a plus for us. But during this storm, mines are thrown onto the coast. They also detonate at sea,” Bratchuk said.

According to him, in recent years, including because of the storm, the problem is becoming larger.

“At the beginning of this year, in general, if we take the average, then every day there was a mine< /strong>, which was neutralized by representatives of the naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The day before, there was also another “gift,” the speaker of the Odesa Regional Military District said.

He added that the number of sea mines does not decrease over time.

Russia has created a mine threat for all countries of the Black Sea basin

According to the speaker of the Odesa OVA, Russian naval mines are drifting in the Black Sea. And after the end of the war, this problem will have to be solved not only at the level of Ukraine.

This will be our common problem with the countries that are our neighbors in the Black Sea basin. In 2022, these mines were discovered near Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Local sailors were already destroying it all there,” Bratchuk noted.

The representative of the Odessa OVA recalled that in the fall of 2022, a Romanian tug was blown up by a Russian mine. Fortunately, no one was hurt then.

According to Bratchuk, there are enough finds from the Second World War in the Odessa region. After all, then fierce battles continued on the territory of the region.

A part of an enemy cruise missile was found in the Odessa region

In addition to sea mines, they also found in the region other “surprises” of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

“On the territory of the Odessa region, they found a part of an enemy cruise missile left after another shelling. On January 21, specialists from the Defense Forces will destroy it,” Bratchuk said.

He added that this was a controlled detonation and the residents of the region have nothing to worry about .

Mine danger in the Black Sea: in brief

  • Russian mines are systematically detected in the Black Sea. As Bratchuk noted, this is Russia's uncontrolled influence in the Black Sea.
  • The representative of the Odessa OVA said that there is an internal correspondence between the heads of the ports belonging to Russia, in particular the port of Sochi. The head of the port said that 420 mines stolen during the occupation of Crimea in 2014 were thrown into the Black Sea.
  • This was done so that the mines drifted, nailed to our coast and harmed us .
  • As Taras Chmut, head of the “Come back alive” charity foundation, noted, clearing the Black Sea could take up to 10 years.

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