Unprecedented poverty awaits Moscow – Podolyak on Europe's refusal from Russian energy carriers


Unprecedented poverty awaits Moscow, – Podolyak on Europe's refusal of Russian energy carriers

Podolyak said that the introduction of an embargo on Russian energy carriers is a matter of time./Office of the President

Mikhail Podolyak said that the embargo on Russian energy carriers is a matter of time. According to him, the world cannot afford to depend on the aggressor country.

The adviser to the head of the President's Office noted that Russia “has ceased to be a reliable and predictable partner,” therefore the rejection of its oil is “not only a moral responsibility, but also a calculation.”

According to the Ukrainian official, the large international community ” it will be expensive to quickly switch to alternative supply channels, but not as expensive as not doing so.”

In the medium term, Moscow will face total economic and political isolation. As a result, poverty on a scale that Russia has not yet seen, – added Mikhail Podolyak.

Recall that Vladimir Zelensky previously noted that the refusal of most countries of the world from Russian oil and other Russian energy carriers is inevitable. The President also emphasized that Putin's aggressive policy will have to be paid for by the poverty of the majority of Russian citizens.

Increased sanctions pressure on Russia

  • Russia against Ukraine continues, EU is aware of the demand to cut off the Kremlin from its most important source of income – the energy sector, including oil and gas exports.
  • In five sanctions packages, the EU supported a ban on Russian coal imports and disconnected some Russian banks from SWIFT .
  • However, new evidence of Russian atrocities on Ukrainian territory is emerging every day, Western governments are increasing military support for Kyiv and are forced to increase sanctions pressure on the Putin regime.

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