Unsuccessful day for Russian aviation: Armed Forces of Ukraine “clipped the wings” of two Su-25, Ka-52 and drones


Unfortunate day for Russian aviation: Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Ukrainian military continues to destroy enemy manpower and equipment. Our defenders on January 25 can boast of a successful hunt, because they managed to turn a lot of “birds” into scrap metal.

This was reported in the morning summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the agency, the occupier suffered a lot of losses in equipment over the past day. Or rather, in aircraft.

AFU destroy enemy equipment

According to the report, over the past day, the aircraft of the Defense Forces have dealt 14 strikes on areas where enemy manpower is concentrated. Two more strikes hit the positions of the air defense system.

It is also known that it was possible to destroy 2 Su-25 aircraft, a Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, 4 Orlan-10 drones , as well as one – like “Supercam”.

The rocket and artillery units also did their job effectively. Over the past day, they hit 1 command post, 12 areas of accumulation of manpower, and 4 enemy ammunition depots.

Occupiers continue shelling

According to the General Staff, on January 25, the enemy launched 37 air and 10 missile strikes. It is known about getting into civilian infrastructure in the Dnieper and Zaporozhye. In addition, there were 97 attacks from the MLRS. Residential buildings in Kherson came under enemy fire. But on the night of January 26, the enemy released 24 Iranian kamikaze drones. They managed to destroy everything.

The offensive does not stop

The department emphasizes that insane losses do not stop the enemy. The Russian military continues offensive operations in the Bakhmut and Novopavlovsk directions. Also, unsuccessful offensive actions were recorded in the Limansky and Avdeevsky directions. As for Kupyansky, Zaporozhye and Kherson, the invaders are trying to defend there.

Over the past day, the Defense Forces managed to repel a number of attacks in Donbas.The enemy was driven off near Krasnopopovka in the Luhansk region and Verkhnekamensky, Disputed, Razdolevka, Blagodatny, Bakhmut, Kleshchievka, Marinka, Ugledar and Pavlovka in the Donetsk region. changes. No offensive enemy groupings were found there.

On Seversky, Slobozhansky, Kupyansky, Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky, Novopavlovsky, Zaporizhsky and Kherson –The shelling continues. The invaders open fire with all available weapons.

Preparing for mobilization in Crimea

According to reports, the invaders are carrying outpreparatory measures for the next wave of mobilization . They were recorded in the temporarily occupied Crimea. It is known that by January 29, all so-called public and private institutions must compile and submit lists of people for reservation to the military commissariats.

It is possible that the next massive wave of mobilization is planned by the end of February 2023. Interestingly, from February 1, all repair and construction work at public enterprises, as well as in institutions, will be stopped. The funds that should have been spent on this will be used to ensure the war against Ukraine.

Mobilization is necessary for the enemy because of the insane losses that he bears in the war. As of the morning of January 25, 123,080 Russian fighters were known, whom our defenders and defenders managed to send to the next world.

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