Until the loss of administrative control over the occupied South by the Kremlin – 84 kilometers, – the mayor of Melitopol


Before the Kremlin lost administrative control over the occupied South – 84 kilometers, – Mayor of Melitopol

Ukrainian defenders are only 84 kilometers away from the occupied Melitopol. Having overcome them, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will open the way to the liberation of the South of Ukraine.

This was stated by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov. According to him, the de-occupation of Melitopol is extremely important.

Fedorov stressed that the dismissal of Melitopol would quickly destroy the “enemy virus nursery”.

Local kings will barely have time to escape . And frightened collaborators in other territories will run farther than they can see,” he stressed.

The mayor of Melitopol added that the occupiers had turned Melitopol into an administrative center for the spread of the “Russian world” virus in the newly occupied Ukrainian lands:

  • Proclaimed Melitopol the capital of the “Zaporozhye region”. In fact, the city has become the core of the enemy grouping of the entire occupied south of Ukraine;
  • in Melitopol, the ruling elite of the Gauleiters and their Russian overseers are concentrated;
  • it is here that all the Kremlin's guest performers come to dance with tambourines for Russian media;
  • it is here that all propaganda stories about the illusion of a peaceful life are filmed, which are then broadcast in Russia.

“Before the Kremlin loses administrative control over the occupied south, 84 kilometers,” Fedorov said.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">The enemy is terrorizing Ukrainians in Melitopol

Ivan Fedorov said that now in the occupied Melitopol, the Russians are resorting to cunning ways to detect Ukrainian patriots. After they are counted on under the guise of the Ukrainian military, at best they are taken prisoner and forced to do various work to strengthen the defense lines.

Also, the occupiers, according to the mayor, began to shoot propaganda videos about the alleged deportation, but at the same time, after shooting people are taken prisoner and forced to dig trenches.

What is happening in Melitopol: latest news

  • Before morgue in Melitopol on January 9 brought a full truckload of liquidated Russian soldiers. The city's hospitals are also overflowing with wounded Russian occupiers.
  • On January 4, Russians restricted the free movement of local residents in the Zaporozhye region. Now, to travel outside the settlements of the Zaporozhye region, you will need to obtain a pass at the so-called “command's office”.

Former commander of the American army in Europe, General Ben Hodges, said that the top priority for the liberation of the South of Ukraine is stopping the movement of Russian logistics through Mariupol and Melitopol to Crimea.

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