Up to 16 Caliber ready to launch – Gumenyuk on what a new attack of the enemy could be


Up to 16 Caliber ready to launch - Gumenyuk on what a new attack of the enemy could be

The intensity of enemy ships in the Black Sea zone remains high. Therefore, the possibility of shelling from the water area cannot be ruled out.

The head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center OK “South” Natalya Gumenyuk on the air of a news telethon said that the enemy keeps 2 launch vehicles in the Black Sea with a total stock of missiles up to 16 Caliber. Channel 24 writes about this.

Is there a chance of massive shelling

According to Gumenyuk, the enemy naval grouping continues its maneuvers in the security area where they cannot be hit by our weapons. At least that's what they think so far.

They continue to keep in service also 2 surface rocket launchers, that is, they can be ready for launch by 16 Caliber,” Gumenyuk said.

In OK “South” they suggest that these “Calibers” are most likely for pinpoint strikes, because such a number “does not pull” for a massive shelling. However, the option of massive shelling cannot be ruled out either, since the enemy is cunning and can increase activity and attract aircraft at any moment.

Gumenyuk urges not to be at important objects in alarm

Natalya Gumenyuk noted that the presence of launch vehicles in the Black Sea is a high danger. After all, “Caliber” is a high-precision weapon that can be directed at specific coordinates. The main goal of the enemy is to get into critical and military infrastructure, so Gemniuk urged Ukrainians to stay away from such objects during an air raid.

The enemy keeps 9 of his ships in the Black Sea

  • Earlier, OK “South” reported that in the Black Sea, the enemy keeps a ship group of 9 units on combat duty.
  • There remain 2 surface rocket carriers, the equipment of which can reach 16 Kalibr-type missiles. All of them maneuver at a safe distance from the Ukrainian-controlled coast – more than 100 nautical miles, in the region of the southeastern coast of Crimea.

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