Up to a third of ministers can be replaced in government after Lazebna's dismissal, – political scientist


After Lazebna's dismissal, up to a third of the ministers in the government can be replaced, – political scientist

Fesenko on possible subsequent resignations in the government/Collage of 24 channels

Personnel decisions on the Cabinet of Ministers may last. About a third of the ministers are at risk of being replaced.

This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko on Channel 24. He believes that after the dismissal of Marina Lazebna from the post of Minister of Social Policy, this “avalanche of personnel” decisions may continue.

As far as I understand, personnel decisions on the government will continue. And, perhaps, this will affect some leaders of the Cabinet of Ministers,” Fesenko noted.

Who is under the slightest threat

He stressed that different information is being heard now about possible staffing decisions. It was even given that the current Minister of Defense Alexei Reznikov could become the new prime minister and even the Minister of Justice. Such information should be treated with caution, because almost everyone was discussed.

Also, Fesenko does not believe that there will be a replacement of Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. He works quite fruitfully, so he will probably remain in office. In general, according to the political scientist, about a third of the ministers can be replaced.

According to him, the latest personnel decisions in the power bloc are caused by an investigation into state traitors, who were quite crowded in these structures. Fesenko stressed that there are suspicions even against some people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But no details.

I heard from different people that there are suspicions about some people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Both acting and retired, – said Fesenko.

Recall, on July 18, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed Marina Lazebnaya from the post of Minister of Social Policy. 277 deputies voted for her resignation. She will probably be replaced by Oksana Zholnovich, head of the Department of Social Policy and Health at the Office of the President.

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