US canceled humanitarian flights from Afghanistan

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US canceled flights from Kabul due to Taliban demands to take them as passengers

US canceled humanitarian flights from Afghanistan

Photo: US Marine Corps / Staff Sgt. Victor Mancillal / Reuters

The US authorities canceled humanitarian flights from Kabul out of fears that members of the Taliban ( banned in Russia as a terrorist organization ) could use the air route to leave the country and further search for money to support their activities. Reported by The Times.

Sources of the publication report that the Taliban have put forward a requirement to take their supporters as passengers on every flight of Qatar Airways, which is chartered by the US authorities for humanitarian flights. It is assumed that Islamic fundamentalists in this way want to go abroad to find money for the new leadership of Afghanistan.

The proceedings, which were initiated by the airline, led to the temporary suspension of regular flights from mid-December. The date of the resumption of flights remains unknown.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban fighters opened fire on women who organized a peaceful demonstration. Dozens of girls took to the protests with banners “We are the voice of the hungry people”, “Justice!”, “Long live humanity.”

On December 27, the Taliban banned women from traveling long distances without being accompanied by a male relative. The militants also called on vehicle owners and taxi drivers to deny services to women if they are not wearing hijab.

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