US cannot lose in war – Romanyuk explained why Ukraine's victory is important to Biden

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The United States cannot lose the war, – Romanyuk explained why the victory of Ukraine is important to Biden

Victory of Ukraine in the war is very important for Joe Biden. They will do everything possible for the ZSU to defeat the invaders.

This was told to Channel 24 by the head of the public organization “Ukraine in NATO” Yuriy Romanyuk. According to him, now the US stake on Ukraine in the war against Russia is extremely high. They will do everything possible so that the victory is for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Romanyuk recalled the criticism the Biden administration received after leaving Afghanistan. If now they do not support Ukraine enough, then the ambitions of both the US President and the Democrats will be seriously shaken.

Biden's presidential election campaign starts in a year. If the Democrats and the Biden administration fail in the war against Russia, all Democratic presidential ambitions will crumble for 10-12 years. They will lose the election to the Republicans, Romanyuk said.

Biden already has an extremely low popularity rating in the United States. Therefore, Romanyuk is sure that his administration will do everything possible for Ukraine to win.

They are doomed to help Ukraine

Romaniuk is convinced that the United States is doomed to help Ukraine for all motives – and to support democracy and peace in Europe; and on the indivisibility of borders and the sovereignty of states. In addition, domestic political circumstances are seriously putting pressure on the White House.

For example, on August 17, about 20 well-known national security experts, military men, diplomats and former officials wrote a collective open letter to Joe Biden, where they called on immediately to increase the amount of military aid to Kyiv . They emphasize that supporting Ukraine is in the interests of the United States.

According to him, Ukraine is currently receiving an insufficient amount of weapons. This is because the collective West turned out to be unprepared for such a large-scale war. This volume allows the Ukrainian army to 100% not lose in the war. But even more military aid is needed to win, which is sure to come.

Recall that on August 19, the United States accepted an additional $775 million military aid package for Ukraine. It will include tens of thousands of artillery shells, 15 interesting drones that have not yet received the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and much more.

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