US citizen killed in fighting in Ukraine


During battles a US citizen was killed in Ukraine

A US citizen was killed during the fighting in Ukraine/channel 24 collage

During the hostilities in Ukraine, a citizen of the United States of America, Steven Zabelsky, was killed. The American who died in Ukraine may have been a US Army veteran.

Zabelski's death at the US State Department

It is reported that the American died on May 15. An obituary discovered written by family members of a 52-year-old American.

The death of Stephen Zabelski was first reported in Rolling Stone. He became at least the second American to die in Ukraine in the war.

Earlier it was reported about the death in Ukraine of US citizen Willie Joseph Kensell.

The Washington Post, citing a source in The State Department said that the department is in touch with the American's family and is providing “all possible consular assistance.”

The publication writes that Zabelski could be a veteran of the US Army.

Subsequently, ABC News wrote that the US State Department officially confirmed the death of Zabelski.

Two Britons were killed in the battles for Ukraine

  • On June 12, it became known that former British military Jordan Getley died in the war in Ukraine. A soldier from Great Britain died in the battles for Severodonetsk.
  • Jordan Getley became the second British soldier to die in Ukraine. At the end of April, it was reported that British soldier Scott Sibley had died in Ukraine. He was a veteran of the British armed forces. According to the British media, he is in Mariupol or elsewhere in the Donbass.
  • As for the losses of the Ukrainian side in the war with Russia, they differ. Ukraine does not officially publish the exact number of dead, so as not to help the enemy and not to demoralize the society.
  • Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov informed that Ukraine loses hundreds of soldiers killed and up to 500 wounded every day. President Volodymyr Zelensky cited similar data. According to him, Ukraine loses 60-100 soldiers per day killed.
  • Subsequently, the head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, said that the average number of Ukrainian losses per day is from 200 to 500 killed and much more wounded .
  • People's Deputy Roman Kostenko refuted the information of Arakhamia and said that the number of killed and wounded is much less than his colleague reported.
  • Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy also denied speculation about the allegedly large losses of the Ukrainian army Danilov. On June 20, the Office of the President reported that Ukraine had lost about 10,000 soldiers.

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