US confirms Russia is using Chinese munitions in Ukraine – Kyodo


US confirms Russia is using Chinese munitions in Ukraine - Kyodo

The United States has confirmed that the Russians are using Chinese munitions in the war in Ukraine. However, it remains unclear to the States whether they were supplied by Beijing.

According to sources in the US administration, it remains unclear whether the Chinese government is involved in the supply of ammunition to Russia. However, Washington is ready to take action if there is confirmation that the supplies were carried out by Beijing.

Ammunition made in China found in Ukraine

US officials recently said that Washington has intelligence that indicates that Beijing is considering supplying arms and ammunition to Russia.

This is something we are following closely and continue to follow closely,” said a spokesman for the US State Department.

The US government has determined that the munitions found in Ukraine were made in China, the sources said. In particular, this is evidenced by the analysis of their composition. However, the sources do not disclose what ammunition was found. It is also reported that the United States has already warned its partners about this.

A lot of Chinese rifles went to Russia

  • The U.S. news site Politico reported this week that Chinese companies have sent Russian organizations 1,000 assault rifles, drone parts and other equipment that could be used in war. The supply was carried out in the period from June to December last year.
  • Interestingly, Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon leave for Moscow on a three-day visit.
  • At the same time, earlier this week, Biden said that he expected to talk to Xi soon, but did not specify when and under what conditions.

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