US declares space a war zone

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US declares space a war zone

US Space Force Commander Air Force General John Raymond has declared space a war zone and warned that Russia and China have weapons capable of destroying American satellites. He announced this in an interview with The Washington Post.

“It is obvious that space is an area of war, just like air, land and sea. This is something that has really come true over the past few years, as both China, which is our constant threat, and Russia have developed weapons that can either disrupt the operation of our satellites or destroy them, ”said Raymond.

According to him, the goal of the Space Forces is containment, not a conflict that “starts or spreads into space.”

He also said that the United States intends to act as “dispatchers” of space and control movements in it in order to avoid disasters on satellites and other objects.

Earlier, the US Air Force expressed its concern about the growth of Russian military activity in the Arctic. It was reported that the US Air Force intercepted more than 60 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2020.

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