US drug overdose deaths record record

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US drug overdose deaths record record

In the United States, a record number of citizens have died from drug overdose during the coronavirus pandemic. It is reported by BBC News.

According to the publication, more than 93 thousand Americans died from an overdose in 2020. Death rates are up nearly 30 percent over last year. In 2019, the number of deaths due to exposure to drugs did not exceed 73 thousand.

“This is the highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in a 12-month period, and the largest increase since at least 1999,” said Nora Volkov, director of the US National Drug Enforcement Institute. She noted that the reason for this trend could be forced isolation in a difficult epidemiological situation in the country due to COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in the United States, an increase in overdose mortality has been recorded, in particular, with opioid drugs. It is also associated with the expansion of the illegal production of drugs.

In April, experts from the US-British consultancy IHS Markit warned that uneven access by countries to vaccinations could prolong the coronavirus pandemic until 2023 and unleash more national conflicts.

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