US Intelligence Doesn't Believe Changing Public Opinion in Russia Will Affect Putin


US intelligence does not believe that changing public opinion in Russia will affect Putin

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< strong _ngcontent-sc87="">Any change in Russian public opinion about the war in Ukraine will not force Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop fighting. The relevant data was announced by American intelligence.

According to many strategists, the war was a disaster for the Russian army. According to US intelligence, this could lead to the removal of Vladimir Putin from power. At least in the short term.

According to sources, the Russian president is involved in the day-to-day management of the war. In the middle of all, he is also directly involved in the decision-making.

It is obvious that he makes the decision. He does not seem to rely much even on experts in the government or cabinet. – said a senior NATO official.

“That's why it's a bit hard to imagine that public opinion influences him so much,” American experts emphasize.

It is noted that Russian public opinion about the war remains high, despite the heavy losses of Russian troops. In addition, it is important to understand that most Russians do not fully grasp the reality of the war due to the deeply repressive media environment in Russia.

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